Located on Xuhui Campus, SHNU hospital is the daily guarantee of students health. Patients shall bring their students card or other registration cards for check-in. Generally, a large portion of the fees can be paid by the university, however, students should also pay their due parts. Stuents could be transferred to other hospitals for chronic conditions on some occasions.

There is a school clinic on the main campus. Student ID is needed for treatment. For off campus medical care, it is recommended that you go to the International Health Center of Shanghai No. 1 People’s Hospital (585 Jiu Long Road; 6324-0090 ext. 2101). If you have oversea medical insurance, please bring it along. The Center is equipped with advanced medical facilities and doctors there can speak foreign languages.

Outpatient Service: 8:00---11:15 13:30---16:45 (Monday to Friday)
Emergency Service: 16:30 till 8 am the next day;
Call 086-021-64322669 for SHNU hospital on Xuhui Campus, and 086-021-57122417 for the one on Fengxian Campus. 

Please queue up and register for a number at the university hospital at least 15 minutes before the service time ends.