SHNU Education Foundation

SHNU Foundation of Education Development was initiated in October, 2008, with the aim of raising funds for the educational enterprises so as to bolster and promote the sound development of China’s education. The original registration funds amount to ¥2 million, coming from social donations over the years.

Scope of Business:
Receiving donations and raising funds;
Managing and operating the funds for value retaining and accretion;
 Investing in programs with funds and managing projects
 Holding education, training and consultation programs, and organizing fraternal parties among donators and beneficiaries

The funds of SHNU Education Foundation are mainly used in:
 Funding programs of university development, building construction, and the update of teaching facilities and research equipment; 
 Supporting the development of key disciplines, labs and curricula;
 Recruiting more talents into the university, and financing world-renowned scholars for academic activities in SHNU;
 Sponsoring outstanding teachers for exchange programs with foreign universities, and more participation in international conferences;
 Providing more possibilities of top-level international conventions;
 Awarding excellent teachers who make important contributions and students who are both good in morals and academic performances;
 Aiding students from poor families to complete their academic learning;
 Supporting and investing in other programs related to educational undertakings.

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Address: Room 206, Conference Center of SHNU, No. 100 Guilin Rd., Shanghai, P.R.China
Zip Code: 200234
Tel: 086-021-64328645
Fax: 086-021-64322150
Account No. of RMB: 03387200040011168, Shanghai Normal University Foundation of Education Development, Guilin Branch, Xuhui District, China Agricultural Bank
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