SHNU claims the following informal students' association: (to name just a few) 
Brainstorm----Odyssey of the Mind (short for OM): Originated from Dr. Micklus in the US, the OM contest has attracted people from over 30 countries, in the aim of tapping the creativity of the youth and tempering the team cooperation skills of youngsters. 
Qiushi (Autumn Stone) Inscription Society: Founded in 1986, the name Qiushi is the homophone of ‘hardworking to harvest’ in Chinese, which is supposed to encourage SHNU students to explore on the carving and inscriptive theories and practical skills so as to promote the aesthetic eye. The works thus produced has been gifted to Mr Tung Chee Hwa, former Chief Executive of Hongkong Special Administrative Region, ShanghaiHistoryMuseum, and China National Soccer Teams etc.
Music Zone Association:8 years of widespread reputation, the Music
Zone is bolstered up by professional musicians offering various kinds
of music shows and practical courses for experiences exchanges.
It includes the range of acoustic guitar, electric guitar, electric bass,
Drum kit, and keyboard instruments etc.
Loulan Drama Society stages sitcoms, multi-scene plays, music
shows etc with students actors and actresses for extracurricular recreation.

Boardgame Aficionado Society
: association of face to face game
to train the capability of thinking, memory and judgement concerning
war, trade, culture, arts, urban planning and history and so on.
Society of Francophiles: members are for students who are interested
in French culture, language, luxuries products, literature and history etc.
Karate Society: members are fans of traditional kongfu skills
who would occasionally exchange experiences.