The university offers 82 undergraduate programs:
Bachelor of Philosophy: 
Bachelor of Economics:
·Financial Engineering
Bachelor of Law
·Legal Science
·Social Work
·Moral and Political Education
Bachelor of Education:
·Pre-school Education
·Educational Technology
·Physical Education
·Social Education
·Primary School Education
·Science Education
Bachelor of Literature:
·Chinese Language and Literature
·Chinese Language
·Teaching Chinese as the Foreign Language
·Classical Chinese Texts
·Editing and Publishing
·Musical Performance
·Fine Arts
·Art Design
·Literature of Drama and Film
·Broadcasting and Hosting Art
·Radio and TV Editing and Directing
·Chinese Language and Culture
·Recording Arts
·Radio and TV Journalism
·Digital Media Arts
Bachelor of History:
Bachelor of Science:
·Mathematics and Applied Mathematics
·Information and Computing Science
·Applied Chemistry
·Biological Science
·Biotechnology;Biology Technology
·Resource Environment, Urban and Country Planning Management
·Geographic Information System
·Applied Psychology
Bachelor of Engineering:
·Education of Mechanic and Electrical Technology
·Mechanic Manufacturing, Design and Automation
·Electrical Engineering and Automation
·Engineering of Electrical Information
·Communications Engineering
·Computer Science and Technology
·Civil Engineering
·Vehicles Service Engineering
·Environmental Engineering
·Chemical Engineering and Technology
·Food Science and Engineering
Bachelor of  Agriculture:

Bachelor of Management:
·Bachelor of Management:
·Engineering Management
·Financial Management
·Management of Human Resources
·Tourism Management
·Public Administration    
·Management of Public Services
·Archives and Documents
·Electronic Business
·Public Relations
·Exhibition Economy and Management
·Labor and Social Security
·Assets Evaluation
·Property Management
·Management of Cultural Productions
·Hotel Management