SHNU Campus Virus Prevention Work Proceeds


Since the outbreak of COVID-19, campus virus prevention and control have been a top priority for SHNU Logistics Service Center.


(The) SHNU Logistics Service Center responds to an alert system as early as the outbreak of COVID-19 and has established working teams to prevent it from spreading. The Center staff purchased necessary epidemic prevention items, such as surgical masks, infrared thermometers, surgical sanitizers, surgical gowns, safety goggles, splash-proof masks, disposable gloves and forehead thermometers to distribute to those in need.


The food(s) and accommodation(s) of SHNU teachers and students have been guaranteed with a protection wall. Besides, Tianshan Flat is adopted as a quarantine location on Xuhui Campus for students who need to be isolated.

Meanwhile, sufficient assistance and convenience have been offered: a special campus cafeteria and superstore stay open for those who remain at school. Moreover, accommodations are provided for those who come from critical virus-stricken areas for free.

In all, staff members from SHNU Logistics Service Center have brought safety, warmth and kindness to those teachers and students who are still working in campus.