2020 Winter Vacation Arrangement


According to the university schedule, the winter vacation is arranged as follows:


1. The winter vacation lasts from January 13th to February 14th.


2. The executive staff will rotate days off from January 15th and return to work on February 23th.


3. Security of both students and facilities should be ensured by relevant colleges and departments. Special attention should be paid to emergency and all kinds of accidents.


4. All institutions should assign necessary work to ensure the security during the holiday, a namelist of those on-duty should be sent by e-mail to both the President’s Office (bwch@shnu.edu.cn) before January 11th.xiaoban@shnu.edu.cn) and the Security Department


The emergency call would be 0086-021-64322647 for Xuhui Campus, and 0086-021-57122784 for Fengxian Campus.