SHNU Undergraduates Publish State-level Discoveries at SCI Journals


Recently, Sustainability, a journal of SCI in the category of Environmental Science and Ecology, published a paper titled Application of Mobile Monitoring to Study Characteristics of Air Pollution in Typical Areas of the Yangtze River Delta Eco-Green Integration Demonstration Zone, China. It was composed by Fu Ranxin, the first author and a junior student from SHNU(Shanghai Normal University) College of Environment and Geography, and four other undergraduates from SHNU.


By implementing a national wildlife scientific observatory at Yangtze Delta Wetland Ecological System in Shanghai, the program studies a mobile monitoring, characteristic of quick detecting in air pollution to supplement the fixed monitoring modes. It takes advantage of a portable monitor of air quality sensor and practise monitoring at Jinze town and Zhujiajiao town at Qingpu District of western Shanghai. It also monitors such common pollutants as PM 2.5, PM 10, SO2 and CO, etc and reaches important conclusions by analyzing the geographical features of single particle aerosols.