7th Sino-Japan International Symposium on Regional Innvation Held in SHNU


SHNU:Sponsored by SHNU College of Tourism, Japan Nara Prefectural University, Japan Ritsumeikan University and Kyoto University of Education, the 7th International Symposium on Regional Innovation and Industrial, Academic and Research Cooperation was held at SHNU Conference Center on November 25th and 26th. It was also attended by SHNU Vice President Nian Kang, and scholars from Nanjing Normal University, East China Normal University and Tongji University, etc.
Themed Regional Innovation and Industrial, Academic and Research Cooperation, the conference involved speeches from the professors and scholars, concerning the transformations of urban cities and the interdisciplinary research cooperation in terms of China’s new energy.  
Ever since the founding of Sino-Japan Human Geography and Tourism Research Center, teachers and students exchanges have been made: altogether over 10 students have started their short-term learning in Japan and Japanese students are also sent to learn in SHNU every year.