Overseas Students Taste Chinese Traditional Foods at SHNU


SHNU: On August 23rd, some overseas students gathered at the  Taoliju Cafeteria on Xuhui campus of SHNU and learned to make Jiaozi, a  traditional Chinese food. The chefs explained about the cultural connotations  and production methods of Jiaozi. The overseas students themselves ate the foods  made by themselves and the cultural activity ended in joy and fun.
In recent years, more than 2, 000 long-term or short-term overseas students  were enrolled. Since 2012, they were annually organized to experience Chinese  culture by tasting traditional Chinese foods, including pineapple meatballs,  fish-flavored eggplants, spicy Toufu, steamed perch with pine-nuts, and Yangzhou  fried rice, etc.
The overseas students learned more about famous Chinese cuisines during  cooking, while enriching their life and enhancing their understanding of Chinese  culture.