2021 SHNU New Staffs Training Completed


Over 160 new staffs were invited to a short-term training from October 8th to 10th. The participants also include SHNU Party Secretary Lin Zaiyong, SHNU President Yuan Wen, SHNU Vice Presidents Chen Heng, Zhang Zhengrong and Li Ye, as well as representatives from various SHNU Departments.


The training included an opening ceremony, a theme report, a brief introduction on SHNU history and basics, a private exchange meeting on teamwork spirit, and a discussion on teacher’s morals followed by a closing ceremony. The training first included emotions and pressure management, and further strengthens the importance of teaching morals and professional career skills. The training features 12 theme reports, 7 exchange talks, 5 group discussions and 4 advanced master’s class and 2 seminars on teamwork construction.