UNESCO Teacher Education Centre Launched at SHNU


The Inauguration Ceremony of UNESCO Teacher Education Centre was held in Shanghai on October 7th this year after this was decided at the 39th UNESCO Assembly four years ago. The ceremony was held both online and on the scene, attended by Vice Shanghai Mayor, Party Secretary of Shanghai Municipal Education Commission and representatives from China UNESCO National Council, SHNU Party Secretary and SHNU President.


The construction of UNESCO Teacher Education Centre aims at promoting the development of teacher education worldwide and encouraging teachers to become lifelong practitioners of academic learning.


The newly-established center is also expected to play a proactive role in providing Chinese wisdom, experience and support in global education development. The SHNU President Yuan Wen extended the welcome speech in saying that SHNU has been devoted to the Sino-British Math Teacher Exchange programs, the national further learning program for education administration officials and signing cooperative projects with such African countries as Kennya and Botswana.


After the ceremony, Zhang Minxuan, the former SHNU President, was elected as Director of UNESCO Teacher Education Centre. The regulations and four-year plans were also approved at the ceremony.