Training Course for Malaysian International Chinese Teacher’s Professional Development Ended

11 Jul 2024

The Malaysia International Chinese Teachers Professional Development Training Course was successfully wound up from June 30 to July 7. It was sponsored by the International Language Cooperation and Exchange Center of the China Ministry of Education, hosted by Shanghai Normal University, and organized by the Kong Zi Institute of the University of Malaya. 27 Chinese language teachers from Malaysian national primary and secondary schools, international schools, private schools, vocational colleges, and higher education institutions participated in the training.


This training course lasts for eight days, gathering high-quality resources and customizing specialized training courses according to the actual needs of the students. The courses concern teaching skills for Chinese language elements, Chinese classroom activity design, lesson plan design and writing, test paper preparation and analysis in forms of lectures, workshops, and small classrooms, etc.


Shanghai Normal University has held two consecutive online training sessions for the Malaysian International Chinese Teacher Capability Enhancement Project in the past two years. This year marks the first offline training session, with a total of over 200 teachers trained. The successful organization of the training program provides valuable learning and exchange opportunities for local Chinese teachers in Malaysia