SHNU Initiates Program of Academician Enters University

08 Jul 2024

On June 19th, the program of Academician Enters Universityjointly sponsored by the China Ministry of Education, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE) and the China Association for Science and Technology was held on Xuhui Campus of Shanghai Normal University (SHNU).  Professor Zhang Yuanhang, an academician of the CAE Member, a professor of the College of Environmental Sciences and Engineering of Peking University, and the head of the first batch of Huang Danian Style Teacher Team of the China Ministry of Education, delivered a lecture entitled Watching the Blue Sky: China's Exploration and Innovation. Professor Yuan Wen, the president, presided over the lecture. Nearly 200 undergraduate, graduate, and teacher representatives from relevant colleges attended the lecture.

Academician Zhang Yuanhang delivered a speech concerning the current trend and background of global environmental change by starting from the evolution of environmental issues and the development of environmental disciplines, and focusing on exploring China's air pollution control, innovating combating regional pollution, and addressing environmental issues while integrating the future development of relevant disciplines. The lecture introduced research achievements such as atmospheric oxidation and self purification capacity, formation mechanism and control strategy of atmospheric ozone pollution, and regional 3-D air quality monitoring and forecasting operation system. Finally, academician Zhang encouraged everyone to continuously explore and innovate, making contributions to the prevention and control of air pollution, and the promotion of high-quality development.

It is reported that such an activity was launched in November 2023. By inviting academicians and experts to visit university campus in person, SHNU aims at providing students with opportunities to attend science reports and engage themselves in interactive exchanges with reputed scholars. This will allow them to access the latest development trends of cutting-edge science and engineering, cultivate scientific thinking patterns, and sharpen their abilities in science and engineering development.