SHNU Students Strive to be Young Practitioners

04 Jul 2024

On the afternoon of June 28th, the opening ceremony of the 2024 Summer Social Practice Expedition and Vocational Training Camp of Shanghai Normal University (SHNU) was held at the East Jiaoyuan Building on Xuhui Campus. Zhu Huijun, Deputy Secretary of the School Party Committee and SHNU Vice President, Zhang Hai, Deputy Secretary of the Xuhui Youth League District Committee, representatives of enterprise mentors, heads of relevant functional departments, as well as deputy secretaries of student work, Youth League Committee secretaries, full-time employment counselors, and representatives of teachers and students from various colleges attended the ceremony.

Zhu Huijun encouraged young people to strengthen their ideals and beliefs in the vast field of social practice, and become ambitious talents, persist in being down-to-earth and become a practitioner of down-to-earth spirit by sticking to internship practice and become a practical worker who takes the initiative.

To further enhance students' awareness of career planning, Shanghai Normal University (SHNU)  actively contacts enterprises and institutions to provide a platform for students to engage in grassroots practice and expansion. University leaders, representatives of the Youth League Committee, enterprises, and students lit up the big screen together to announce the official launch of the SHNU Youth Practitioners program and summer vocational training camp.

Liu Xinyu, an undergraduate student majoring in Investment Studies from the 2020 Business School, shared his past experiences from participating in internship practices, and encouraged younger students to adjust themselves to future employment.

More than 800 summer social practice teams from SHNU will travel to various parts of the country to initiate various programs of social practice, with an estimated participation of more than 10, 000 students.