Heintze-Karcher's inequality and Alexandrov’s Theorem for Capillary Hypersurfaces

28 Mar 2024

Speaker: Xiachao Professor from Xiamen University

Time: 10:30 April 1st, 2024

Place: Tencent 726 445 118

Sponsor: SHNU College of Mathematics and Mechanical Engineering

Heintze-Karcher's inequality is an optimal geometric inequality for embedded closed hypersurfaces, which can be used to prove Alexandrovs soap bubble theorem on embedded closed CMC hypersurfaces in the Euclidean space. In this talk, we introduce a Heintze-Karcher-type inequality for hypersurfaces with boundary in convex domains. As application, we give a new proof of Wentes Alexandrov-type theorem for embedded CMC capillary hypersurfaces in the half-space. Moreover, the proof can be adapted to the anisotropic case in the convex cone, which enable us to prove Alexandrov-type theorem for embedded anisotropic capillary hypersurfaces in the convex cone. This is based on joint works with Xiaohan Jia, Guofang Wang and Xuwen Zhang.