19 SHNU Courses Approved as Top-ranking Undergraduates’ Curricula of Shanghai

12 Jan 2024

Recently, according to the Notice on 2023 Top-ranking Undergraduates‘ Courses for Universities in Shanghai, 19 courses from SHNU have been approved by Shanghai Municipal Education Commission as top-ranking courses. The approved number ranks the second among those of all the other universities (altogether 400 courses from universities in Shanghai have been approved) administered by Shanghai Municipal Education Commission. Until today, a total of 74 courses from SHNU have won this acclaim.

As regards future development objectives, Shanghai Normal University would promote education reforms and innovation by further taking advantage of the first-class undergraduates curricula as a paradigm for other optimal courses. A consummation of curricular incentive mechanism and course management and evaluation, as well as guidance of more teachers to participate in innovation in course design and content updates so as to create more advanced and challenging courses of golden standards.