SHNU National Key Programs Break New Ground


Recently, the 2023 Notice of National Key Project Research and Development Plan and National Science Foundation Project Approval has been launched: SHNU boasts 7 approved projects, including 1 National Key Research and Development Plan project administered by China Ministry of Science and Technology, 4 research subjects, 1 key project administered by NSFC (National Science Foundation of China), 1 special project with a total earmarked fund of RMB3.538 million Yuan. This marks a historical high in the record of the number of key annual approved project and the amount of funds.

The seven projects covered such area as synthetic biology, catalytic science, state control, gravitational wave detection, social management and intelligent social technology support, etc. The number of approved projects marks a pivotal measure for the academic and research strengths of a university. Next, the Shanghai Normal University would stress the distribution of strategic emergence of development and cultivation of key or grand projects so as to boost the possibilities of assuming key research projects and serve the needs of national science and technology.