Two SHNU Programs Awarded 3rd Prize at Outstanding Programs Prize


The 2023 Shanghai Outstanding Project Award for Industry-University-Research Cooperation commendation Conference was held at Shanghai Municipal CPPCC (Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference) on January 5th, 2024. After rounds of applications, recommendation, group debates, assessment and approval, two SHNU programs from School of Information and Mechanical Engineering won the third prizes: Development and Industrial Application of Special Acoustic Event Detection Technology (by Long Yanhua from SHNU and Unisound Shanghai Intelligence Technology Co., ltd); the other is Development and Industrialization of High Orientation Carbon Fiber Thermal Conductivity Composites (by Guo Yaping from SHNU, Shanghai Shanghai Allied Industrial Co., ltd, and Shanghai Institute of Technology).

The winners received their medals and certificates from authorities from Shanghai Municipal CPPCC.

Shanghai Excellent Project Award for Industry-University-Research Cooperation is approved by the Municipal Science and Technology Commission and co-sponsored by Shanghai Scientific and Technological Achievements Transformation Promotion Association, Shanghai Education Development Foundation and Shanghai Science and Technology Association It is the only award established in Shanghai to promote the deep integration of industry, university and research, and is also the annual honorary award of Shanghai Industry, University and research community. The award aims to publicize the concept of industry-university-research cooperation, affirm the advanced cooperation, sum up the experience of industry-university-research cooperation, establish a typical cooperation model, and promote the deep integration of Shanghai's industry-university-research. In 2023, 2 top special prizes, 5 first prizes, 8 second prizes, 16 third prizes and 9 nomination prizes were conferred.