SHNU Signs Cooperative Memorandum with Jam Music Lab University


On December 1st, SHNU President Yuan Wen received Marcus Ratka, President of Jam Music Lab University (JMLU) and signed a cooperative memorandum. The ceremony was also attended by SHNU Vice Party Secretary Yang Haiyan, and representatives from SHNU Division of International Affairs and SHNU College of Music.

Yuan briefed on the development SHNU College of Music has achieved in education, scientific research and arts practice. In recent years, the SHNU disciplines of music arts and music education have been expanding overseas exchange channels, such as cooperative chances with Russia and the US.

Ratka expressed his gratitude for warm receptions and said that JMLU played a leading role in maintaining Jazz, rock n roll, popular music and modern music and promoting the reputation of music arts of Vienna, a globally-reputed classic metropolis around the world.

Both sides reached the consensus that a collaborative development program in music education and music technology would be implemented and an initial common understanding has already been .

Approved by Austrian Federation Education, Science and Research Department, the JMLU is a comprehensive music university in terms of Jazz, popular music and media music. Also, it has great impact in the European music arts area and is qualified to confer the bachelors and masters degree in majors of music performance, music education and music production, etc.