Paonyapa and Vitanya: Quicker Pace in Shanghai


SHNU: We are Paonyapa and Vitanya from Bangkok, Thailand. You can also call us by our English name -- Miya and Pat. We enjoy watching movies in our spare time.
When we first came here, we thought that people in China always do things very quickly, not like in Thailand, where we have a slower pace and enjoy our lives at ease.
And the food here is much too oily to Thai people. We have tasted the Malatang (麻辣烫) in a small restaurant near our campus, it is spicy, but it’s a totally different kind of spicy food from Thai’s.
What is most shocking to us is that we find many people, even those pretty young girls, will spit on the road. We simply couldn’t believe our eyes when we first saw this, because as a modern international city, how could it have so many people damaging the environment in such a disgusting way! You know, in Thailand, very few people would do this, and the sound of spitting makes us feel sick sometimes.
On the other hand, we also admire the taxis in Shanghai. It’s very safe and clean. And some of the taxi drivers are very friendly. Although they can only speak very little English, they would try their best to communicate with you and share their cheerful smiles. Furthermore, they would not charge you more than the real price; and they would never detour in order to earn more money from foreigners.
On the whole, we quite enjoy the green environment here and we hope that we could learn Chinese better and make many good friends here.
(Reported By Yang Weiye)