Dangui Cafeteria on West Xuhui Campus
As a comprehensive cafeteria, Dangui serves popular hot dishes cooked at the time you order; also, it serves different varieties of dumplings, wonton (ravioli), pastas, and Xiaolong steamed bread etc.

Xiangzhang Cafeteria on West Xuhui Campus
As the largest cafeteria of Xuhui Campus, the two-storied hall offers dishes, fried rice, and noodle foods of various styles. It is noted for its low prices and good tastes.

Korean Restaurant on West Xuhui Campus
Located at the second floor of Xiangzhang Cafeteria, the restaurant is operated by a Korean boss, serving indigenous Korean foods, such as Shiguobanfan (mixed vegetables with rice cooked on stone pot), and all kinds of roasted kebabs and skewers. In a word, everything there is made in South Korea, including drinks, meat, rice, dishes, etc. After all, Waitresses there speak Korean.Lunch:11:00~13:30, Supper:16:30~20:30

Ziwei Careteria on East Xuhui Campus
As the only cafeteria on east Xuhui Campus, it serves ordered food, fried rice, noodles, spicy snacks, Master Jin flour foods, and specialized wonton (ravioli) etc.
Breakfast: 6:00~8:30, Lunch: 10:30~12:30, Supper: 16:30~19:00

Muslim Restaurants on West Xuhui Campus
Located at the second floor of Xiangzhang Cafeteria, the restaurant is twice its original space, and serves mainly special foods for Muslim styles (pork-free). The famous dish includes fried rice with beef or lamb, Dapanji (Super dish of chicken), and Lanzhou lamian (noodles) etc.
Breakfast: 6:30~8:30,  Lunch: 10:30~13:15,  Supper: 16:30~21:30

Shengle Cafeteria on West Xuhui Campus
Shengle serves various styles of breakfast, such as baozi, huajuan, sesame balls stuffed with red bean pastes, guotie (pan-fried dumplings), shaomai (cooked rice dumplings), preserved egg porridge. Youtiao (chopstick shaped loaves) etc.
Both the students' card and cash are accepted at the counter.
Breakfast: 6:00~8:30, Lunch: 10:30~12:30, Supper: 16:30~18:00

Students' Food Heaven: features a series of various food categories, including traditional Chinese styles, such as dumplings, wonton, zongzi (glutinous rice seasoned with meat or yolk), porridge, Chinese soup noodles, pan-fried rice, Chinese hot pot, and fried pasta etc.
The most compelling edge boils down to the long operation hours it offers: 8 am to 11 pm, Monday through Sunday.

Dining and Accommodation:
Canteen on Xuhui Campus
1. Canteens: There are three students’ canteens on campus, Xiangzhang Yuan, Dangui Yuan and Shengle. The Student ID is required for payment.
2. Foreign Guest House: the restaurant is on the first floor.
3. Xue Si Yuan: the restaurant is on the second floor. And there is a public kitchen on the second floor
4. Characteristic campus food shops of different styles for tongues of various countries:
   A series of food shops outside the XiangZhang Yuan;
   Korean restaurants on the second floor of Xiangzhang Yuan;
   Nagasakiya Japanese restaurants opposite the university fruits shop
If you would like to hold a party with your friends, you could choose from the following restaurants for convenience and competitive price:
Foreign Guest House, West Xuhui Campus:
 Space for 250 people, Breakfast 7:00~8:30、Lunch:11:00~13:00、
Supper: 17:00~19:30
Tao Li Ju Restaurant, West Xuhui Campus:
 Space for 360 people, Lunch:11:00~13:30 Supper: 17:00~20:20
International Education Center of SHNU (Garden Restaurant): No. 55, Gui Lin Rd.
Space for 830 people, lunch: 11:00~13:30、Supper: 17:00~21:00
Xue Si Restaurant, West Xuhui Campus:
   Space for 130 people, breakfast: 6:30~8:30、Lunch:10:30~12:30、