Wate Qiu: SHNU—My Second Home


SHNU: My name is Wate Qiu from Thailand. I’ve been in SHNU for one month studying the foundation course of Chinese.
As a newcomer, life here is not easy, but it’s not as difficult as I imagined before I came here, for my teachers and fellow students always offer me a helping hand whenever I need it.
My foundation course mainly involves Chinese study. Before I came to China, I had already learned something about Chinese culture and language, which makes preparation for my present study. After finishing the foundation course, I plan to work for a bachelor’s degree in China.
Beside study, I find the activities in SHNU are pretty rich and colorful. Though I just came here one month ago, I’ve actively participated in school sports meeting, Christmas party, etc. In my free time, I prefer playing table tennis with my fellow students in the International Student Center.
It’s inevitable for me to get homesick, but I can overcome this feeling, because SHNU is just like my second home, bringing me warmth, friends, and vigor.
(Reported by Feng Yunyun & Li Huanhuan)