Juliana: I Like To Be Here


I am Juliana from Russia. I’ve just been here for about one month. And I came here to have a further study in General Chinese in ICCS of SHNU.

Though I am a newcomer, I have managed to get used to the life here. And also, I have made many friends from different parts of the world and my life here is quite rich. As for the reasons for learning Chinese, I would say that one main reason is that the Chinese language, with its unique characters, is different from others and I’m very interested in it. The weather here is a little bit dry for me and I feel it a pity when I heard that it rarely snows in Shanghai. I think I’ll miss the snowballs in Russia. Fortunately, I have found the food here is delicious, especially the fry rice and the pancakes filled with vegetable. I really enjoy being here and I am looking forward to making more friends in the days ahead.
                                           (Reported by Shou Wenjie)