Choi Wen-Sun: My Life in SHNU


SHNU: I’m glad to see you again here. My name is Choi Wen-Sun. I come from Korea. It is not the first time for me to be interviewed. This time I will share some my new experience with you.
I went back to my hometown---Seoul during the summer vacation after a long time of study here in SHNU, for about 6 months. In fact, during this period, I missed my parents and my good friends in Seoul very much. So the feeling of going home was fantastic.
At the end of the last semester, a lot of my friends whom I knew on the campus of SHNU finished their courses, and returned to their own countries. We exchanged our contact information, and at the same time we promised that we would keep in touch later on. Although the farewells are always full of mawkishness, I still appreciate SHNU giving me such kind of opportunity to meet so many friends who have common language with me.
In the last interview I said that though my major in Korea is Chinese language, my Chinese level is still not very high; however, after one semester’s study here, I do think that my oral Chinese has been greatly improved. I can go out for shopping without any help from others, which made me exulted. I still remember the scene that the first time when I settled accounts in a restaurant, I talked to the waitress in Chinese unwittingly. It’s just amazing, and of course that’s good news for me. The first term I came here I didn’t have too much confidence to face with the HSK test, but now I think I can go through the test, and I believe I can do it!
This semester may be the last one I live and study here. I wish to cherish every moment with my precious friends, and I wish to seize every chance to enhance my Chinese. Fighting!              (Reported by Zhou Yan)