Fiona and Priscilla: The First Visit, a Wonderful Visit!


(From left: Fiona, Yang Weiye, Priscilla)

We are Fiona and Priscilla from InHolland University, Holland. We took part in the program called Expedition in China in our country, and now we are in Shanghai and engaged in a project about One-Child Policy in China.

This is our first visit to Shanghai, China. In our hometown, we used to think that in China there must be many traditional Chinese buildings -- low, with sloping roofs and so on. We also expected that most of the Chinese people would not be very tall. But when we are here, those tall buildings impress us deeply, and we now realize that many young people here are quite tall and fit.

Our first impression of Shanghai is that it is a big modern city, with dense population and terrible traffic conditions. However, we quite enjoy living and studying in this international city, especially on this beautiful campus.

We are learning Chinese in SHNU during our stay in Shanghai. Our teacher is really sweet and helpful. However, we still hope she could be stricter to some not-so-diligent students. We had already learnt some Chinese in the Netherlands, and feel that listening and speaking skills are much easier than reading and writing tasks in Chinese. We also think writing Chinese characters is the most difficult. However, we like Chinese and think this language is quite interesting and very important for us in the future.

As to the Chinese food, many people say it is rich in color, aroma and taste, but we don’t enjoy it very much because the dishes we had were too spicy and oily.

When we go back home, we will tell our family members and friends about this wonderful city, and we also hope that one day we could again study on this green campus with so many different kinds of trees and flowers.

(Reported By Yang Weiye)