SHNU Distributes Virus Prevention Subsidies for Students


During the emergency period of COVID-19 prevention and control, SHNU founds special program of subsidies for those financially challenged students from Hubei Province of China. Altogether, 253 students were subsidized with a sum of RMB 250, 000 Yuan (network flow fees included).


Since the online classes have been decided since the mid-February, SHNU has devoted to helping those students deprived of appropriate hardware supports. As some students are lacking in online education equipments, SHNU provided some office laptops for them immediately and teach them online how to connect wifi hotspot. Sufficient network flow support has been guaranteed for each student not to lag behind.


Also, accommodations are set for students who can not return to hometowns during this prolonged winter break. Some SHNU students were offered single rooms to receive a 14-day quarantine period for free on campus. All these conveniences come from care and kindness from SHNU, their Alma Mater, who indeed helps those in need.