SHNU Signs Cooperative Education Programs with Xiangan in Amoy


    On March 1st, SHNU signed cooperative education programs with Xiangan District Government in the city of Amoy(Xiamen) in Chinas southeast. It was attended by Vice Party Secretary of Xiangan District and Director of Xiangan District,SHNU Party Secretary Lin Zaiyong, SHNU Vice President Zhang Zhengrong, etc.

    According to the agreement, an attached school to SHNU would be established with nine years of preliminary education. The would-be school would cover an area of 28,104 square meters and a total area of 32,000 square meters, and would include 36 classes in 2026.

   The experimental school would be aided in terms of building innovative mechanisms, information technology support, teachers team development, course structures construction. Education reforms, and education resources sharing, etc.