Two SHNU Attached Middle Schools Win Unique Titles


    Recently, the approval results of Shanghai Middle Schools of Special Features were launched: two middle schools attached to SHNU were on the list, namely, Luodian Middle School Attached to SHNU and the Second Attached Middle School Attached to SHNU.

   The schools on the list would be operated and managed by the corresponding policies for Shanghai Experimental Exemplary Middle Schools in terms of prioritized enrolment, teachers team development, equipment purchasing and education expenditures.

   The Luodian Middle School, located at Baoshao District of Shanghai, features multilateral ways of arts education and orients towards students lifelong growth and comprehensive education by seeking cooperation with SHNU College of Music, College of Fine Arts, College of Film, Television and Communication, as well as College of Mathematics and Mechanical Engineering.

  The No. 2 Middle School Attached to SHNU, located at Jinshan District of Shanghai, specializes in ecological science education and establishes innovative labs based on an ecological campus and specimen rooms. In 2015, the school started to become the first batch of Shanghai Middle Schools with Outstanding Strengths. Meanwhile, the school aims at promoting the construction of ecological campus environment and launching a series of ecological science education curricula