SHNU Adult Education Welcomes a New Start of Spring Term


    The SHNU (Shanghai Normal University) witnessed its first day of 2022 spring term of Adult Higher Education on March 5th. Based on the requirements of pandemic prevention and control, 11, 147 students would be expected to initiate their online learning trip and 284 curricula have been prepared for the 1, 479 classes.

   The Opening Ceremony of 2022 New Term for Adult Education was held online on March 5th and attended by the directors and representatives from SHNU College of Continued Education and 4, 639 newly-enrolled students and their parents.

The students representatives spoke at the ceremony to share their learning experience while expressing their gratitude towards the university and teachers. The participants also listened to the lecture on the First Lesson to New School Admission to boost their confidence in academic pursuits.

   Emphases are also placed on APP popularization and utilization to maintain the stable orders of online education during this particularly challenging period of global pandemic combat.