SHNU Science Team Has Breakthroughs in Plant Immunity Controlling Mechanism


The SHNU Science Team led by Wang SHUI published a research paper on The Plant Cell with the title CONSTITUTIVE EXPRESSER OF PATHOGENESIS-RELATED GENES 5 is an RNA-binding protein controlling plant immunity via an RNA processing complex on February 8th. The essay discovers CPR 5, an RUN-binding protein which can manipulate the plant immunity through an RNA processing complex. This breakthrough reveals a strong foundation to the discovery of plastic control of plant immunity theories.

Wang Shui, researcher from SHNU, is the corresponding author of the paper, and two other postgraduate students from SHNU College of Life and Environmental Sciences are the joint first authors. The paper was also sponsored by the research from Henan University and Ruixing Biotech Company Limited in Wuhan City of China. Besides, the paper was funded by China National Natural Science Funds, Shanghai Development Center of Plant Germplasm Resources, and Shanghai Key Laboratory of Plants Molecular Sciences.

The published paper can be reached by clicking