2 New Undergraduate Majors Approved by China Ministry of Education


     Recently, the results of 2021 Undergraduate Majors Assessment have been published: 2 SHNU majors for bachelors degree candidates have been added and would start to enrol this year, namely, financial technology and environmental and resource sciences.

    The two majors of SHNU are expected to respond to the requirements of New Business and serve better the Objectives of Establishing Five Centers of Shanghai (Economic, Financial, Trade, Shipping and Technological Center), and adapt to the application of emergent technologies in the fields of A (artificial intelligence), B (block chain), C (Cloud calculation), D (Data analysis) and E (Electronic Commerce). The major of financial technology would be developed on the basis of such three SHNU first-ranking undergraduate majors: finance, computer science and technology and mathematics and applied mathematics.

   The SHNU major of environmental and resource sciences aim at the establishing an ecological city of Shanghai. The graduates are expected to learn more about the environmental sciences and engineering, resource utilization and low-carbon theories, and work in government departments of environment surveillance, ecological survey and resource and environmental system management, or scientific institutes and enterprises in terms of data analyses, system development and management.

   The SHNU is steady on the way to strengthen the development and management of more new majors to ensure optimum education quality and talent cultivation improvement.