SHNU Postgraduates Awarded at Education Skills Contest for M. Ed


Ding Lishan, SHNU candidate for M. Ed (Master of Education), was awarded the second prize at National Education Skills Contest for M. Ed. (Mathematics) Another two SHNU candidates for M. Ed won the third prize (Chemistry) and Lu Xinsheng, SHNU teacher won the Excellent Instruction Prize for Teachers.


The Tianjiabing Cup National Education Skills Contest for M. Ed, lasting 156 days, was sponsored by China National Education Steering Committee for Education Majors and and attracted 2, 423 candidates from 138 universities and research institutes. Altogether, 750 candidates entered the final.

Since June, 2021, the contest has fallen into three parts: education designs, recorded model lecturing, and lectures with video presentation to display teachers education skills. The contest offered a crucial platform for M. Ed students to forge their teaching expertise and for SHNU to implement proper and innovative reform strategies for the M. Ed candidates.