President of University of Murcia Visits SHNU for Cooperation


On October 30th, José Luján Alcaraz, President of University of Murcia (UMU, Spain), visited SHNU with five other members, including the Vice President of UM in charge of international affairs. The visitors were received by SHNU Vice President Jiang Mingjun, among other representatives from SHNU.


Both sides hoped that this visit could probe the cooperation potential of the two universities and enhance mutual understanding and trust so as to sign a framework agreement in the near future. After that, such issues were discussed, including students exchange, Chinese or Spanish language education, teachers’ mutual visits, and double degree program.


Founded in 1915, the UMU is a public research institute in Spain and offers programs of 55 bachelor’s degrees, 73 postgraduates and 55 doctor’s degrees. The UMU, Spain has 1,792 senior teachers and over 28, 000 students.