Number of National Science Programs Break New Records


Recently, the 2021 Application Approval Results have been released by National Natural Science Foundation of China: 52 SHNU programs have been approved with the funds running as high as ¥20,730,000 RMB (roughly $3 million). This marks another peak in the number of approved application programs since last year, the number of which is 51. The approved SHNU research programs in 2021 cover such seven research areas as life sciences, geosciences, mathematics and engineering, project and material sciences, information science, chemistry and management science.

Younger faculty have played a main role in research work. About 48% of the successful applicants in SHNU are younger than 35 and about 85% of them are younger than 45, which shows the great potential in the development of SHNU science and technological research. Moreover, SHNU wins 26 Youth Science Foundation Programs, attaining an increase in four consecutive years and maintaining a funding rate much higher than the national average of 16.6 percent.

The achievement in the application for National Natural Science Foundation of China has not only highlighted the steady improvement in scientific research and technological innovation, but also helped build the foundation for the beginning of the Fourteenth Five-Year Plan and supported the construction of high-level universities for SHNU.