6 Advanced Schoolmasters Employed as SHNU Part-time Professors


The Certificate Conferring Ceremony of SHNU Education Group Part-time Professors and Seminar on Primary Education Reforms came to a success at SHNU on July 8th. Directors from SHNU Basic Education Group, and schoolmasters and representatives from Attached Schools to SHNU were on the scene and delivered lectures at the conference. There are 6 schoolmasters and senior teachers who were conferred employment certificates as SHNU part-time professors.

They include Yu Yiling, senior schoolmaster from Luwan Experimental School Attached to SHNU, Shen Jun, senior headmaster from the No. 3 Minhang Primary School Attached to SHNU, Wu Baoying, Jiading Primary School Attached to SHNU, Zheng Xiaoyan, senior schoolmaster from Yangpu Binjiang Primary School Attached to SHNU, Shen Weiying, senior headmaster from Foreign Languages Primary School Attached to SHNU, and Zhang Qi, senior teacher and director of Primary School Department of Shanghai Experimental School.

These senior experts of primary school education would serve as role models for SHNU majors of the same field. This seminar marks another important step for

SHNU to introduce outstanding teachers into SHNU Primary Education Group.