SHNU Original Musical Drama Staged on Campus



As a tradition having lasted for two decades, SHNU has exerted great efforts to creating and staging the original musical drama Descendants of CPC in 2020 and embraced the grand debut of this year at SHNU Xiafei Theatre.


Since 2001, SHNU has auditioned for four times various editions of this classic opera: teachers’, students’ and campus editions. In 2016, the drama staffs were invited to perform at Tsinghua University in Beijing and were greeted with enthusiastic cheers during the show tour among universities in Shanghai.




In as short as one and a half hours, the drama channeled the audiences to walk into different scenes, either in or beyond the plots. Xiaolian He, starring the heroine, once found it so challenging to empathize with the character and was encouraged to ponder over and fathom the convictions of a China’s Communist Party member.During the outbreak of Covid-19, she became a social community volunteer in her hometown—Wuhan, a Chinese city plagued by the pandemic and shut off from the outside for over two months. After her return to SHNU, she was approved to be a CPC member and continued her endeavor to be ready for the official public show at her graduation ceremony this year.



The campus musical drama Descendants of CPC in 2020 fused Chinese traditional culture into the plot development. Meanwhile, a series of activities followed: seminars, salons, classes with music display and concerts, etc.


The marvelously innovative merge of cutting-edge multimedia technology and traditional stage arts concepts add to the magic effects of stage performances. The main stage dazzles with three-dimensional visions of 5G pioneering devices with a harmonious blend of voices, lights and electricity.