Professional Development Through Teacher Collaboration


Speaker: Professor Simon Borg

Time: 3 pm, November 27th, 2020

Place: zoom 367 152 3284

Sponsor: SHNU College of Foreign Studies

Professor Simon Borg has been involved in language teaching for 30 years,  working as a teacher, lecturer and researcher in a range of international  contexts. He has also worked on the editorial boards of leading journals in  language education, such as TESOL Quarterly, System, and Language Teaching  Research. After 15 years at the University of Leeds, where he was Professor of  TESOL and Head of the Language Education team, he now works primarily as an  educational consultant, with a particular focus on designing, implementing and  evaluating language teacher professional development policies and programmes.  Details of his consultancy work are available at He  has worked with teachers in China for many years and has also co-published  articles with Chinese colleagues. ‘The Study of Language Teacher Cognition’ - a  compendium of his key publications - was published in 2015 by Shanghai Foreign  Language Education Press. He is recognised for his academic work on teacher  cognition and teacher education and has published over 100 books, chapters and  articles.