2020 Opening Ceremony of Undergraduates Held at SHNU


The 2020 Opening Ceremony of Undergraduates was held on Fengxian campus on October 11th and attended by SHNU leading authorities. It was hosted by Li Ye, Vice President of SHNU.


The ceremony opened from a poem recital created by a student from Hubei Province (one of the most pandemic-stricken area of China in 2020), followed by a chorus performance of Ode to Motherland.


Zhu Ziqiang, SHNU President, welcomed the new-comers from across China to initiate a learning journey at SHNU and thanked their parents for their years of painstaking support.


The students and teachers representatives delivered their speeches to encourage the new students to strive hard for a better future. The ceremony was shown live on Bilibili and Tik Tok, which attracted more than 230, 000 audiences online.