ASEAN Education Officials Attend Education Cooperation Seminar


Cosponsored by UNESCO TEC (United Nation Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization Teacher Education Center) and ACC (ASEAN China Center), the 2023 Education Cooperation Seminar was held in Shanghai from May 22nd to 25th and attracted education officials from Thai, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Burma, Vietnam and Cambodia, etc.

The welcome ceremony was held at UNESCO TEC with the theme 2023 ASEAN Education Officials Visit Shanghai for Career and Digital Education. It was also attended by Wang Hao, Vice Director of Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, Li Yaying, Vice Director of ACC Education and Cultural Tourism Division, Yuan Wen, SHNU President, Zhang Minxuan, Director of UNESCO TEC, as well as counselors from Thai and education officials from ASEAN countries.

 Both challenges and cooperative opportunities of different ASEAN countries were discussed and more possibilities of cooperation and exchanges were expected among these nations or areas.


The seminar centers around two aspects: the application of digital technology in Shanghai education on one hand and strengthen professional education and higher education exchanges and cooperation on the other. Different participant countries would probe more promising ways of teacher development, and ways of upgrading teachers digital skills, transforming their education modes and designing cultivation plans of basic education teachers.